What’s a Pushcart Party?

If you looking for something different and fun that also takes away some the problems of what to serve your guests – then hire our Lulu’s Lemonade Stand or one of our other pushcarts for your next private party, corporate gathering or fundraising event!

The fact is that people (no matter what their ages) just love “fun foods” like fresh squeezed lemonade, hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream or handmade fudge (click here to learn about our Nutz About Fudge stand).

Imagine our Lulu’s Lemonade pushcart coming right to your home or business – staffed by a friendly and polite attendant, fully functional and looking fabulous to boot!

Then imagine yourself being able to relax and enjoy the party knowing that your guests are having a great time while being served from our completely stocked lemonade pushcart.

Lulu’s Lemonade Stand is always the hit of the party or event. People will naturally talk about how great your party was for years to come!

What You Get When You Hire Us

We will bring with us with our clean and colorful push carts filled with all the fixings for freshly squeezed and refreshing lemonades, handmade fudge or freshly popped popcorn pipping hot and ready to serve!


What if your next party or event was almost completely stress-free and totally fun-filled?

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