Lulu’s Lemonade (the book)

Barbara deRubertis (Author), Paige Billin-Frye (Illustrator)
(Kane Press Paperback)

For Grades 1-3 “These easy-readers have good stories and are true to their purpose. In Lulu’s Lemonade, Mattie and Martin decide to make lemonade for Mattie’s little sister. They make half a gallon, then figure out how to fill up the rest of the gallon pitcher.

Their recipe, which includes orange juice, lime juice, lemon-lime soda, vanilla, fresh mint, and ice, is included.

Readers are invited to grab some measuring containers and do their own practicing with teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, and gallons.  Large, full-color art shows the children happily engaged in their creative activities.”



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